What I will miss about West Texas

I know I have written about leaving Lubbock soon, but there are a few things I will miss about this town.

So here are my top five things I will miss.

No. 1 Friends

I have met a lot of awesome people at Tech.

The first group of people were the people I met in the dorms, they were a life line during those first six months. Lots of football games took place within the dorms, and the LAN parties were always a blast.

It later grew when I worked for the radio station and then the newspaper. And then to towards the end there was the tweetups, where I met a whole new group of people.

No. 2 Texas Tech

Let’s face it, without Texas Tech there would be no reason for any of us to be here.

The classes were great, the campus is beautiful and the football games were a blast.

Honestly, without Tech, Lubbock would have fallen apart a long time ago.

No. 3 Weather

West Texas gets some awesome storms. Visually they are really fun.

I have spent many afternoons in a car driving straight into the heart of a storm. Only recently with a camera.

It is great to sit on the back porch, light up a cigarette and just watch the lightening roll in.

No. 4 Prairie Dogs

What is not to love about these little guys.

They are cute, fluffy, noisy and tasty. Ok, so three of those things are true.

I have always wanted one as a pet, although I do not think I could teach it to play fetch.

And where is the fun in that?

No. 5 The Sunsets

Look at the sunset to the left.

Look closely.

How amazing is that, and this is not even the best sunset I have seen.

There was the time the sky turned purple.

Just look at the stuff I have tagged as a sunset.

Awesome, right?

The sunsets all over West Texas are like this because of all the dust in the air, so when the sun light hits it, the light scatters into something that is glorious.

No. 6 Badgers

I know, 6 items in a top 5 is a little strange, however this one gets an honorable mention.

This is Badger, or Jacie depending on who you ask.

She is my badger, and I am her meerkat. There is a weird story behind this. I might tell you one day, but not today.

But I will say that Badger and Meerkat are friends, and that there is a lot of love there.

Meerkat will miss badger, for this we can be certain.

These are the five six things I will miss about Lubbock. What do you think are things I will miss?

  1. Jacie says:

    LOTS OF LOOOOOVE! Badger shall call Meerkat every day at approximately 2 AM and commence “badgering.” :D

    I miss you and love you long time! <3

    PS- I'ma frame my honorable mention. Where's my certificate?

  2. Rob says:

    #5 – The Sunsets.

    Yes, one of the things I miss about Lubbock most as well. True about the dirt/farmlands; but it also helps that Lubbock, and surrounding areas, are so FLAT.

    #1 – Friends.

    DEAD HOGS!!! “Where do you want the baby?”

  3. simon says:

    you miss me? but I have not left yet

  4. simon says:

    That was a fun day spent in Acuff Rob, I think that was your idea. Right?

  5. Rob says:

    The trip to Acuff? Yeah, I think one day we were talking about visiting a “ghost” town and this was the closest one listed…even though I still question it’s ghost town status.

    As far as moving the baby pig…I might have mentioned it, but Alison gets all the credit for having the balls to pick it up and move it.

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