Last weekend I went on a hike through the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, and decided to get some more practice with my Polaroid Spectra with the attached Light Lock non-contacting close-up lens; which I enjoyed because in the greenhouses they had some flowers blooming so I got to practice some shots on the pretty flowers.

This flower was in the tropical rainforest green house; which was very pretty and had lots of things in bloom.

I love the colors of the IP color protection film, it really gives me confidence with their film that I know what I am doing when I shoot; and I love that I can get close to my subject when I shoot.

I am really liking the Light Lock attached to my Spectra; and can not wait for spring to get some shots while all the flowers are blooming.

  1. I am Breanna. (It sounds like Bre-on-a)!I’ve enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember and I’ve owned a camera since the age of 6— It was bright pink and used 110 film. I’ve since moved up in the world, and after numerous point and shoot 35mm cameras, along with a higher-end minolta with detachable flash and all that jazz, i have now gone digital with Kodak. Actually I’ve been digital for a few years now.I’ve learned almost everything concerning photography from my dad, as I don’t believe my mom has EVER taken a photo without chopping off heads or missing other fairly important details…It is rare to find me anywhere without a camera. I’ve found, of course, you always miss the BEST photo opportunities when you don’t have your camera with you. I began keeping a disposable camera in my car “just in case” a few years ago. (Better something than nothing).Like anyone with that “photographer’s eye”, I’ve been known to turn the car around, or stop the world from turning “just for a second” so I can take a shot if I’ve found one. It doesn’t take much to inspire me and get those creative juices flowing. A long time ago I discovered how to “look at” a scene through the lens. I think that’s an incredibly important skill to master.I really enjoy scenic and wildlife photography- We’re all hunters in my family. While turkey hunting this past spring, my camera was ready to shoot WAY more than my gun. My dad is the same way in the duck blind.I also LOVE working in macro!I’ve always been the one to take snap-shots of random times with friends, but have tended to shy away from actual portraits. Just recently I began experimenting with portraiture, and am really enjoying it!

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