• Riverwalk Falls

    Riverwalk Falls

    Down on the San Antonio River walk, there are a small set of waterfalls that are kind of snuck off to the side. It is the perfect place to take a snack after a […]

  • Cross the bridge

    Cross the bridge

    Education is all a matter of building bridges.~~ Ralph Ellison I have had some interesting challenges thrown at me of late, and this has reinvigorated me in ways I would have never imagined. For […]

  • Grab the light

    Grab the light

    Life has been full of some surprising changes as of late. But my passions are something that can stick with me and help guide me. I shot this a few weeks ago while on […]

  • Japanese Tea Garden Waterfall

    Japanese Tea Garden Waterfall

    The tea garden is a favorite spot of mine in San Antonio. I have gone on a few photowalks here, but decided I wanted to have a bit of fun with the artificial waterfall […]

Love film photography? So do I. I am often forced to grab a digital camera for work, but if I can, I will pack in a delightful film camera and take it with me on all of life’s adventures.

Holga SX-70 Polaroid Spectra Bronica ETR Kiev 4AM Various random film cameras
Born and raised in Texas, my thirst for adventure is unending. I have lived all over Texas, but currently reside in San Antonio. I love exploring the hill country and capturing this states natural wonders.

You can catch more of me on the Pdexposures Podcast network; three great shows delivered throughout the month; all having to deal with Film Photography.