Every year Jim Goldstein does a post on his favorite photos of the year, but then invites other photographers to send him a link of their favorites, so we can all see what other photographers favorites are.

So here are my favorites from 2011, I tried to select only film photos, because that is my focus on 2012, shooting more film.

These are some of my favorite pictures, because I enjoyed playing around with my camera while I was shooting; and I was always so excited to see the results. I just couldn’t wait to get my film back.

Up above is the waterfall at Waimea Valley on the island of Oahu.

The Emily Morgan Hotel, shot with my Lomo Fisheye.

Aztec Theatre in downtown San Antonio. Shot with a Holga.

Grandburry County Courthouse, shot with a Holga.

T-rex out at Dinosaur State Park, shot with a Holga.

Denam Estate Park, San Antonio TX. Shot with the Diana Multi Pinhole.

And Last we have my first attempt at underwater photography. This is a little sea turtle at Ko Olina in Hawaii.

While I did not shoot a ton of film in 2011, I did notice that I enjoyed shooting film a lot, and some of the photos I was most excited about seeing during the year were all shot on film.

Now to get into full swing with 2012.

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