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Lilly attacking her duck

Picked up a new video camera at Best Buy for SXSW.

I chased Lilly around with it, because she is always wanting more attention from others.

A fetish for Lettuce

Last night I went and saw a friend of mine and his band play (lead singer).

I have missed all of their shows, and this was their final show together, and I have to say it was awesome.

By chance I had my flip on me, so here is a little video of their first song.

Train photo adventure and snow day

Tonight I tried out to cut together a little video of last weeks photo adventure.

I have to say, I think it will be great for producing little iPhone video slideshows of things that I attend.

I tried it on the iPhone tonight to see what it would look like, turned out nice.

Do not judge me for my audio choices.