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Photos from the weekend

Another fun filled weekend in Austin surrounded by old friends from Texas Tech.

People from the old Days of KTXT, standing around discussing random bits of popculture.


Or just catching up on things since some of us have not hung out in a long time.


The guy with the beard, well that is Josh from The Fat Fingers of Justice. A read I must recommend.

There were food trucks, with mini pork burgers that where very tasty. They also had smoking peppers.


You might wonder why I did not bring my new 60 D on this outing, well it was because of bands like this. This is Off!, and they put on one hell of a show. But with all the moshing, and dust I would not want to risk it; so I left it at home.


I then suddenly remembered that Hipstamatic had a special lens for SXSW, so I started to play with it. This is the band Surfer Blood. They have a pretty good sound, but oddly this band had a bigger mosh pit than OFF!, which makes very little sense to me.


We then saw Big Freedia, which was possibly the best rap show I have ever seen.


We then finished off the evening with some Fried Chicken Waffle Tacos.


I think I am ready for a relaxing weekend next weekend.

Photos from the weekend – SXSW

Now it is time for Epic Weekend Part 2, SXSW. That picture above is the Tasty Patty Melt, that I had at 24 diner. Danielle and I met our friend Ben.
2011-03-13 at 12.50.24

Ben is a buddy of mine from college who is now a resident of Austin, so it was good seeing him and discussing the glory days of KTXT.

We then headed to the convention center where we ran into the little mascots from Xtranormal.

2011-03-13 at 14.07.58

But then we saw a 4sq check-in from another friend and who else could it be but Allison.

2011-03-13 at 14.21.47

Enjoying the tasty food bits at the Foodspotting trucks. That is where i got this amazing cupcake of doom.

2011-03-13 at 14.38.46

We then headed to the convention proper, and hung out at the Pepsi booth, I spent a lot of time at last years Pepsi Playground meeting people, it was a good place to hang out, and that has not changed.

2011-03-13 at 14.58.03

As a change of pace, this year, the lego’s were dumped on a table. Last year they had Lego sculptures for people to look at, but this year SXSW wanted conference attendees to build things with legos. An excellent decision, because last year the Lego’s didn’t fit in with Screenburn Arcade.

2011-03-13 at 15.03.53

Speaking of, at Screenburn I saw this guy. He claims to be 1/2 the Joker, 1/2 the Riddler and 1/2 Two-Face, but that math does not seem to add up.

2011-03-13 at 15.32.35

After that, we were pretty tired so we decided to make our way back to the cars, that is when i got to sample some Liquid HTML 5. It was ok, but I do not agree with this IE 9 cup, because I only got a half serving.

2011-03-13 at 16.20.45

Tons of mascots this year, I do not remember this many last year.

2011-03-13 at 16.21.29