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Week 6

This week I went a little crazy and decided to cut up a roll of 12o film to try and shove into my Argus 75. To do this I cut the beveling off the sprocket; which unfortunately exposed part of the roll to light, and I think ruined some of my best shots.

The rest of the roll was slightly overexposed; I think this is also due to my film surgery. I was able to salvage it by turning the shot into a black and white after scanning it; thanks to the excellent advice of mgagle.

You should follow him on Twitter and check out his work.

I think that in the future I am going to get a changing bag for this delicate procedure and mount the film onto an empty 620 spool to shoot with, when I finish the roll I will simply roll it back onto the 120 spool all in the safety of the bag.

Week 4

I know this is a digital shot, but I had to take it for work so I am ok with that.

This is the house that Extreme Home Makeover built; covered by the wonderful Texas sky at sunset.

Week 3

I am a little late in posting this, but I had a little more fun with my LC-A last weekend. This shot was taken at the Extreme Makeover Home Edition shoot, when a surprise helicopter landed behind us.

Can’t really say more about it, you will have to watch the show to find out what happens.

Week 2

Saturday I went on a bike ride and took a long my new best friend, the Lomo LC-A+.

What a neat little camera. Yesterday I got a little excited and posted the first photo from the roll that really got me interested, but there are some other good ones on their that could not wait.

So now on to another great pictures from that little photo ride. Above is the chapel at University of the Incarnate Word, here in San Antonio. This was my final destination on the ride, before I decided to head back.

I love how dark blue the sky is in this shot. I have more shots to share, but I think I will hold on to them for a little while longer.

Shot with a Lomo LC-A+ on Lomography 35mm film.

Week 1 – State Capitol

New Year, New Project; I have decided for 2012 that I am going to shoot more film. I was trying to decide how to do this, and then I figured it out; a 52 week project to be precise.

So here is week one. From lovely Austin, TX it is the State Capitol.

Shot on Impossible Project PX 680.