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Roid Week Day 5.2: Fulton Harbor

Fulton Harbor has a special place in my heart. Which is kind of weird because harbors smell bad, there are rats with wings that come down and take the food write out of your mouth (no joke a seagull bit me once, but I slapped it so I think I win).

However, every summer since I have been alive, my grandparents would take us down to Rockport/Fulton Texas, and one of my favorite things was when we went to a restaurant that was right off the Harbor and I would sit there and watch the boats come in while eating fresh seafood.

Roid Week Day 5.1: Shrimpers

At an earlier time in my life, if you would have asked, “Simon, what do you want to be when you grow up?” And I would have proudly responded that I wanted to be the captain of a shrimp boat, so I could catch my bait for fishing, while I spent the rest of my day working on my novels and being a platinum country and western star (both kinds of music, amazing). Sadly, I am the most monotone human being alive, I can barely string two sentences together and; well I guess there is still time to get a shrimp boat.

That actually is not a bad idea, I may need to look into how much a shrimp boat costs.

In the mean time, here is a shot from my Holga on Type 100 film.

Roid Week Day 4: Nephew

Earlier this summer my nephew came down to stay with my parents. He was swimming in the pool and I was playing with toy dinosaurs trying to shoot a Polaroid of a dinosaur scene. Could not get the shot to turn out, and with 1 roid left in the camera I snapped it of him. The look in his face as the colors began to change on the Polaroid where priceless. He is 4, and was amazed.

Shot on expired Polaroid 600.

Roid Week Day 2: Big Tree

Big Tree, located in Rockport, Texas is a mighty big tree. It is one of the oldest live oak trees in the world and has survived numerous storms and the civil war which destroyed the nearby town of Lamar.

In 1969 it was named the Texas State Champion Live Oak. Which honestly, who knew that was an award?

Shot with my Holga on some Type 100 Film.

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