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Happy Tree Tuesday–San Antonio River


Shot this on my Holga with the polaroid back a few weeks ago; this while walking along the San Antonio river from Espada Aqueduct to Espada Dam.

This part of the mission reach is not open to the public, but is easy to sneak into on accident if you know the correct trail.

Day 4: Dark Star

Shot this on the hike the other day. I thought the sunset was pretty and pointed my Holga right at it.

I was a little surprised by this shot. The sun was so bright that I guess it damaged the film a little, hence the little black dot.

Still a neat looking shot.

Shot with a holgaroid on fuji FP 100.

Day 3: Follow the creek

Last night I went on a hike with my trusty old Holga 120, one of my first film cameras during college and one of my favorites. Strapped to the back of it was the Instant Bank loaded with some Fuji FP100, the light was fading, so I went to my favorite bridge on the Solado Creek Greenway and snapped a 3 second exposure of the creek bed as it cuts through the trees.

I really like how this turned out, do to my shaking and the fading light it gives this greenway a mysterious look to it.

Day 2: Under the bridge

Forgot to post Day 2 of polaroid week, this is a shot from under the bridge on the Guadeloupe river. I went camping this past weekend and enjoyed some time on the river with my polaroid.

Shot with a Polaroid One Step on The Impossible Project Nigo Film.

Day 1

It is that wonderful time of year again, Polaroid week. I feel like I have been shooting all year with my polaroids and have very little to show for it. I am really struggeling with the impossible projects film. Also, I have started shooting with my SX-70; however I do not fully grasp the lighten/darken weel.

Anyway, here is my first shot of the week. This is the wonderful Texas State Capitol, shot with a polaroid 680.

Enjoy roid week, can not wait to see everyones shots!