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Cool Coast Camp

This is from a lost pile of Fuji Instax film I shot down in Rockport this past October. The reason why it was lost? It had fallen into a secret compartment in my bag. Well, I found it earlier today, much to my joy and decided to share this with you, because I have always loved the look of painted on billboards. I am not sure what The Cool Coast Camp is, but I want to go there and catch this 2,000 pound monster.

No seriously. 2000 pounds? You have got to love some fisherman exageration.

Happy Tree Tuesday: Leaves

Saw a friend of mine this morning post a photo of some pretty fall leaves, and then I remembered that I had a cool shot of some leaves that I had shot on a lunch break with my Spectra with the Closeup Image Lens.

Happy Tree Tuesday: Poofball

I am not 100 percent certain on what this little poofball is. I Shot it during a photo walk in the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

In one of the green houses, which has a delightful warning that a fog machine may be in use, this little guy is growing on a plant on the side of one of the trees.

Shot this with a Polaroid Sepctra.

Angles–March of Film

March of Film has started and this is the first entry I have.

MoF is a project started by my friend Amanda and I back in 2012 and we have been having lots of fun with it. Last year we assigned a bunch of themes for film photographers to interpret and shoot and then share.

This year we have stepped it up a wee bit.

Anyway the project has started, and this is my first shot for the theme Angles.

I shot this at the park near my house; it is part of a South Korean Pavilion.
Shot this with my Spectra and the Close-up lens.

Flowers on Impossible Project Spectra film

I love February in Texas, this tree in my back yard is already blooming.

I don’t think this tree knows it is not Spring yet.

I saw this during my lunch break the other day, and knew it would be the perfect subject for me to play with the Spectra with light lock closeup lens.

Film by the Impossible Project.