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Espada Dam Tree

Another Happy Tree Tuesday post. This tree is over by Espada Dam on the south side of San Antonio, I took this shot while leaning up against the tree just playing with my Holga with the Instant back and the wide angle lens.

I think I am going to continue doing these Happy Tree Tuesday posts, I seem to take a lot of Tree photos, but I never post them. However Jeff Soderquist’s happy tree Tuesday tweets always seem to bring a smile to my face. To See Jeff’s photos click here.


Cross in the Thorns


Shot this recently while on a walk with a friend of mine.

This cross is in the middle of a massive cactus outside one of the missions in San Antonio, and I thought it was an awesome visual.

Shot with a holga on FP100-C.

Day 4: Dark Star

Shot this on the hike the other day. I thought the sunset was pretty and pointed my Holga right at it.

I was a little surprised by this shot. The sun was so bright that I guess it damaged the film a little, hence the little black dot.

Still a neat looking shot.

Shot with a holgaroid on fuji FP 100.

Day 3: Follow the creek

Last night I went on a hike with my trusty old Holga 120, one of my first film cameras during college and one of my favorites. Strapped to the back of it was the Instant Bank loaded with some Fuji FP100, the light was fading, so I went to my favorite bridge on the Solado Creek Greenway and snapped a 3 second exposure of the creek bed as it cuts through the trees.

I really like how this turned out, do to my shaking and the fading light it gives this greenway a mysterious look to it.

Roid Week Day 5.2: Fulton Harbor

Fulton Harbor has a special place in my heart. Which is kind of weird because harbors smell bad, there are rats with wings that come down and take the food write out of your mouth (no joke a seagull bit me once, but I slapped it so I think I win).

However, every summer since I have been alive, my grandparents would take us down to Rockport/Fulton Texas, and one of my favorite things was when we went to a restaurant that was right off the Harbor and I would sit there and watch the boats come in while eating fresh seafood.