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Happy Tree Tuesday: Mission Espada

Shot this a few weeks ago on a walk with my Holga 135.

I really like how stunted this tree looks and water what happened to it to make it curve into the ground like this.

Shot this With the Holga 135 on Kodak Portra.


Shot this a few months ago on a forgotten roll I had developed and scanned but never did anything with.

This is a ride at the Fair that occurs during Oyster Bake which is a major event for Fiesta in San Antonio.

I felt I had to take my Holga, because after owning it for about 5 years I had never shot the lights of a Fair ride with the bulb exposure. Honestly, I do not think I have shot a Fair ride period. So, I loaded up a roll of Kodak Portra in my favorite Holga, the brightly colored one, and set about the adventure of photographing these crazy machines at Oyster Bake.

Shot with a Holga on Kodak Portra 160 with a 5 sec exposure.

Final Frontier

This past weekend I went to Houston and got to see NASA Headquarters. While on the tour, I saw this massive beauty sitting in Rocket Park.

This was my first time to visit NASA and I was totally acting like a little kid.

Some of the things here where amazing, and to think we built these complex machines which are huge was so surprising.

This was another first for me because I loaded my Holga up with some Lomography X-Pro film and actually had the lab cross processed.

I am very pleased with the results and I am excited that I have 2 more rolls of Lomography X-Pro to play with. I will admit I was always a little nervous when it came to cross processing, I was always afraid I would ruin the roll.

Fears lifted. I love the rich blues the sky has in this photo. I have some others that I will share soon, that really look nice.

Shot with a Holga.

Also, visit NASA sometime. It is an awesome place.

Holga: Goat Island

Hey look, another shot from Hawaii. This is goat island, which is a little island offshore from Oahu.

The island can be reached by simply walking out to it, however that would not be a good idea because there are a lot of sea anemones out in the bay, additionally the island is a bird sanctuary; so I decided to keep my distance from it and just enjoy the view.

Shot with a Holga 135.

View from the top

Shot this from on top of a mountain in Hawaii.

I have to admit, driving up the mountains there is one of the scariest things I have ever done. Narrow roads,  and switchbacks make it kind of an uncomfortable drive. But the view, it is spectacular.