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This is one of my favorite shots from Hawaii.

For my birthday my parents paid for this little excursion to swim with the sharks. I put on a snorkel and rode in a boat 3 miles off shore, where the shark cage was. We then jumped in the cage and watched the sharks swim by.

This has to have been one of the most hectic things I have ever done. The waves crashing against the cage made it swing back and forth in the water. Plus it is a small space you have to share with six other people (2 on every side, they claim it is for safety so you do not get bit by a shark from behind).

These guys down in the water are Galapagos Sharks.

I have to add, this is something every human being needs to try at least once, these animals are amazing up close and in person.

Sea turtle at Ko Olina

This little guy, is a Green Sea Turtle, and is native to Hawaii. I found him while snorkeling and decided to follow him around for a little while to see what he was up to.

I tried to keep my distance, but this animal was really curious about me and kept trying to swim closer. I think it is because people feed them, which is illegal to do.

Fisheye February

And here are my favorite pictures from Fisheye February. This was a fun little thing to do because I have not sat down and shot a roll of film in a day in a long long time.

First we have Comanche Lookout, you might remember this from a previous photo walk. I seem to have shot this while I was there. I also shot some instant film while I was there. I do not remember this. I guess that is what happens when you shoot half a roll and then forget about the camera.


This is one of the first shots I did this month. I shot this at Solado Creek Greenway. The fisheye made a perfect companion to my bike rides as I hunted for the creek. This was the only bit of water I could find.


Again, forgotten roll of film still in the camera. I shot this out at Cadillac Ranch on a final photo adventure while living in Lubbock, this roll shares many shots.


Like the one above of Allison, shot at Palo Duro Canyon. Allison always makes this face when she is annoyed at me. She is always annoyed at me. Maybe because I am always shoving a camera in her face.


Shot this behind Taco Land on a recent photo walk.


Pearl Brewery as seen from above.


My buddy Rob said this looked like castle grey skull. I feel the need to agree with him on that one.


This bridge spans San Antonio river, or one of the creeks that heads to it. This is down in Breckenridge park. A train takes kids around the park, kind of a fun thing. My nephew loved it.


My niece and sister at Kiddy park. She was being really shy and I was trying to make her giggle.


And here is my mom. She is a happy grandma, taking her grand kids to the park. She came here when she was little. She took us when we were little. And now she takes her grand kids.

What I have determined from this is that I enjoy shooting film on outings, however I do not always go through a roll of film in a single outing and often forget about the film. Something to work on this year.

Day 323


Another shot from the redscale film.

I am glad I found this the other day. This was at the Leisure pool at Texas Tech with my friend Danielle.