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Batman’s Ride

The other day, in preparation for the new Batman movie that is about to come out, the promotion company sent Batman’s car called the Batmobile to the Walmart near my office, and being the giant comic book nerd that I am, I had to see it.

But frustration of the day, I had left my Holga at home, so I quickly ran to the gas station and picked up a Fuji Disposable camera filled with some Fuji Superia 800 ISO film, just so I could wander around the car and snap some film pics of it.

I am pleased with the results from even this little disposable camera, the sun was out and incredibly bright out that day. But the camera did not disappoint me, even at 800 ISO.

And now we wait for the Batman movie to come out.

Day 341


Need more photo adventures.

But for now, leftover shots from the disposable camera photo adventure will have to do.