• SimonPonder-JapaneseTeaGardenWaterfall

    Japanese Tea Garden Waterfall

    The tea garden is a favorite spot of mine in San Antonio. I have gone on a few photowalks here, but decided I wanted to have a bit of fun with the artificial waterfall that is situated in the garden.

  • Cool Coast Camp

    This is from a lost pile of Fuji Instax film I shot down in Rockport this past October. The reason why it was lost? It had fallen into a secret compartment in my bag. Well, I found it earlier today, much to my joy and decided to share this with you, because I have always loved the look of painted on billboards. I am not sure what The Cool Coast Camp is, but I want to go there and catch this 2,000 pound monster.

    No seriously. 2000 pounds? You have got to love some fisherman exageration.

  • Happy Tree Tuesday: In the Rocks


    This tree came from World Wide Pinhole day, while I was out on a hike with some friends in OP Schnabel Park.

    In fact. Chris Fecio got an awesome 4×5 shot of the tree growing out of the rocks. I love trees like this, considering how big of a struggle this tree has to get all the nutrients it needs while growing out of a boulder.

  • Happy Accidents with a Pinhole

    This past weekend was World Pinhole Day, a holiday I have enjoyed shooting many times before, and this year was no exception.

    I had some friends come into town, so on Pinhole’s Day Eve we headed down town to go on a night time photowalk and I setup a tripod with my Diana Multi Pinhole and a roll of 100 speed Kodak Ektar. I decided to try and shoot the lights of downtown right as a storm was going in, there was all this amazing lighting on this 32 minute exposure.

    Coincidentally, there was a parade as part of Fiesta going on just a few blocks away, then the thunder and lightning struck. It started pouring, everyone panicked and left the parade. I had just enough time to get to shelter and setup the tripod for a new photograph, the one you see above.

    Unfortunately in my panic to get out of the rain, I failed to notice that my pinhole had switched to multiple apertures.

    This is 32 minutes of rain, lightning and people stuck in traffic as they try to leave downtown San Antonio. On 3 apertures.

    I love this photograph even though it is an accident. I love the motion from the traffic lights as people try to get away. I also really enjoy the look of the sky in this shot.

    I will need to take my pinhole out at night more often.

  • March of Film 2013

    Finally have all of the film back from shooting March of Film.

    March of Film is a project organized by myself and my friend Amanda Potter.

    With this project, we challenged photographers to Select from a handful of themes, interpret and then photograph them and them submit them to our Flickr group.
    [nggallery id=4]